Dolby Theatre – Session 2

The ETMG program went to see the Dolby Theatre today! They got a full tour of the theatre and got to see a […]

California Science Center

The HEAL program took a trip to the California Science Center today! This museum was full of awesome exhibits that the students got […]

A Day in the Operating Room

The HEAL program practiced craniotomies today with Dr. P! They got to wear full surgical gear and use the drill to preform the […]

Social Media Madness – Session 2

The ETMG program had fun at Social Media Madness today! They practiced what it would be like to market on social media for […]

Fulcrum Challenge Course – Session 2

The ETMG program went to the Fulcrum Challenge Course today! They gained leadership skills while working together through multiple team building activities! Check […]

Clinical Diagnostics & Neurosurgery Simulation – Session 2

The HEAL program had a full day of Suturing, Neurosurgery Simulation, and Clinical Diagnostics today! The students learned more with Dr. P and […]

Neurosurgery Lecture & Public Health Extreme Event

The Medicine & Health Care program attended a lecture about Neurosurgery with Dr. P today! They also went to the Fulcrum Challenge Course […]

Grammy Museum – Session 2

The Entertainment Management program took a trip to the Grammy Museum today! They got to learn about music history and play a bunch […]

Registration Day

Registration Day for Session 2 was a success! We can’t wait to get started with our programs tomorrow!

Closing Ceremony – Session 1 (2018)

As the session 1 Entertainment Management students head home today, take a look at some photos from their closing ceremony! We will miss […]