Year: 2019

Event Simulation | Video

The Entertain Management students organized their very own award show. By operating in committees, they planned, purchased, and designed everything necessary to create […]

Public Health Debate

At the beginning of the week the Medicine & Health Care students were broken into groups and given a stance on a public […]

Guest Lecturer: Krista Sipp | Video

For the past week, the Entertainment Management program has had the privilege of learning how to navigate the industry with the guidance of […]

Clinical Diagnostics

The Medicine & Health Care students were given the challenge of diagnosing the conditions of their TA’s while they are acting out different […]

Commitment in Action

The Entertainment Management students were tasked with committing to action while making their way down the line. More times than not, this resulted […]

EMT Skills | Video

The Medicine & Health Care students not only received some practical EMT experience, but also learned how they could apply those skills to […]

College Panel

The Entertainment Management staff answered all of their students questions pertaining to college. Some topics included: essays and applications, importance of GPA and […]

Dissections and Burr Holes

Big day for the Medicine & Health Care program! Students got to dissect cow eyes and sheep hearts, as well as preform burr […]


With the help of Dr. Fereidoon Parsioon—Dr. P for short—the Medicine & Health Care students put their suturing skills to the test. Click […]

Guest Speaker: Lisa Filipelli

Lisa Filipelli, Partner at Select Management Group, spoke with the Entertainment Management students about her experience representing some of the biggest names in […]