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Game Design Session 2 Recap

The Students in the Game design program at UCLA share some of the things they experienced.

Dr. Dan Grabell interview

The Students in the HEAl Program had a chance to work and speak with Dr. Daniel Grabell, MD. Dr. Grabell is a dermatologist […]


The students in the FINT program talk about their experience here at UCLA.

HEAL session 1 Recap Video

The Students of the HEAL program speak about their experience at NSLC

Game Design Session 1 Recap Video

The GAME students share their experience in the Game design program at NSLC

Guest Speaker: James Cox

The GAME students had a chance to speak with designer James Cox. James Cox was Forbes 30 under 30 class of 2017, and […]

Event Simulation | Video

The Entertain Management students organized their very own award show. By operating in committees, they planned, purchased, and designed everything necessary to create […]

Guest Lecturer: Krista Sipp | Video

For the past week, the Entertainment Management program has had the privilege of learning how to navigate the industry with the guidance of […]

EMT Skills | Video

The Medicine & Health Care students not only received some practical EMT experience, but also learned how they could apply those skills to […]

Mount St. Mary’s Simulation Center | Video

The Medicine & Health Care students got an opportunity to explore the simulation center at Mount St. Mary’s University.