Year: 2019

Suturing & Dissections

Today the Medicine & Health Care students got their hands on some cow eyes, sheep hearts, and chicken breasts. Giving them the ability […]

Commitment In Action

The Entertainment Management students had an opportunity to bust a move during today’s Leadership Series! Click here for more photos!

Guest Speaker | Dr. Akilah Cadet, DHSc, MPH

Dr. Akilah Cadet came to campus to talk with our Medicine & Health Care students about her experience in the health sciences, as […]

Mount St. Mary’s Simulation Center

Today the Medicine & Health Care program visited Mount St. Mary’s University. Students explored two of the campuses state of the art simulation […]

Social Media Madness | Video

The students of Entertainment Management got to experience what it’s like to represent a celebrity’s social media accounts, while given a few curve […]

EMT Skills

The Medicine and Health Care students spent part of the day learning and implementing certain EMT skills. Click here for more photos!

Guest Speaker | Krista Sipp

Krista spoke with the Entertainment Management students about the differences between an agent and manager, the four p’s of marketing, and how to […]

Personality Matrix | Video

The Medicine & Health Care program worked with their leadership facilitator, Selena Brown, to discover their different personality types.

Session One: Registration Day

In honor of “reg” day, session one is officially underway here at UCLA! We are super excited to have our Entertainment Management and […]

Meet The Administration Staff