Picture of the Day: The Art of Negotiation

Dr. Paul Lisnek

Dealing With Conflict

Amazon Game Studio

Amazon Game Studios Visit

Today the Game Design students got the opportunity to go behind the scenes of gaming at a tour of Amazon Game Studios!

Client Management

During breakout simulations this morning, #ETMGNSLC students learned how to handle breakout stories from their fictional clients. pic.twitter.com/AzmRyMT7bJ — NSLCatUCLA (@NSLCatUCLA) June 30, […]

Client Management

During morning breakout simulations, Entertainment Management students learned how to manage their TA group clients when breakout stories hit the media.

Ropes Course Visit

Ropes Course: Overcoming the Maze Challenge

By working together at the ropes course #GAMENSLC was able to overcome the Maze challenge and get their team to the other side! […]

Picture of the Day: Day 3