Category: Game Design

Level Design Workshop

The GAME program had a lesson in Level Design. Students grouped together and developed a character personality for their lego and created an […]

Clinical Rounds

The HEAL program a lesson in clinical round rotations. The medicine and health care students went over vital signs, Pharmacy 101, Pharmacy Activity, […]

Introduction to Game Design and Activity Session 2

The GAME design students take their first lesson in Game Design and understanding the basics of the program. The game design students then […]

Game Design Session 1 Recap Video

The GAME students share their experience in the Game design program at NSLC

EA Studios

The Game and Design students went on a trip to EA Studios in Pasadena, California. They were able to tour the studio and […]

L.A Arcade

The GAME students went to explore the arcade to learn about the history of old video games and designs. They had a chance […]

Guest Speaker: James Cox

The GAME students had a chance to speak with designer James Cox. James Cox was Forbes 30 under 30 class of 2017, and […]

2D Basics Workshop

Today in Game Design theĀ  students learned about the basics of 2D platformer level design with a breakdown of the intro stage to […]

Physics Workshop

GAME students were led through an intro on using rigid bodies, forces, and collisions in unity. The students took notes as and went […]

Playtest Station

The Game and Design students were able to test and show their games that they were processing to each other. Each student would […]