Category: Game Design

Listening & Communication

In this leadership session with Chris Molina, the students were taught about active listening – listen like it matters. Molina had a few […]

Guest Speaker – Claire Jia

Yesterday evening we had writer and illustrator Claire Jia join us as a guest speaker. Jia co-wrote for the indie game WE ARE […]


In this activity, the students had a chance to playtest the games each other had worked on until now. For the most part, […]

Personality Matrix

In this session, our students learned about their personality types and how to most effectively work with the other personalities with Leadership Facilitator […]

Guest Speaker – Sean Stewart

Yesterday we had guest speaker Sean Stewart spend an hour talking to the students about his journey through the interactive storytelling industry. He […]

Narrative Design

In this activity the students learned about narrative design: the way we create stories using characters, dialogue, and storytelling structure. The Team Advisors […]


Leadership Facilitator Chris Molina gave his signature talk on Code-Switching to the students. Molina discussed how we feel the need to change the […]

Found Object Activity

Yesterday, our Game Design students broke off into small groups within their Team Advisor groups and worked together to create an original game […]

Opening Ceremony

Yesterday evening we had our opening ceremony for the Film Intensive and Game Design programs. Our whole team introduced themselves and briefed the […]


Welcome to NSLC at UCLA! This morning was registration day for the Game Design and Film Intensive programs. Students safely arrived between 10:00 […]