Month: June 2022

Guest Speaker: James Cox

The GAME students had a chance to speak with designer James Cox. James Cox was Forbes 30 under 30 class of 2017, and […]

Clinical Rounds

The HEAL students had a learning session where they broke out into groups and went from on workshop to another. The Medicine and […]

EMT Rounds

The Medicine and Health Care program learned lessons in helping and assisting on emergency situations. The TA’s conducted a fun activity to show […]

Cedars Sinai Medical Simulation Center

Today the NSLC HEAL went to visit Cedars Sinai Medical Simulation Center. The students were able to see and experience an immersive environment […]

Santa Monica Pier

The FINT students had a ball explore the Santa Monica Pier. They enjoyed hanging out with their new film intensive friends. Click Here […]

Leadership -Personality Matrix

Today the film intensive program took a personality test to determine if they were a lion, owl, peacock, or a koala bear. Each […]

Clinical Diagnostics

The NSLC ‘s HEAL Medicine and Health Care Program learned about differential diagnosis. Each student went through steps a physician would take. The […]

Medicine Practice

Today the Medicine and Health Program received more hands on experience with Dr. Daniel Grabell and NSLC TA’s. The students went to different […]

2D Basics Workshop

Today in Game Design theĀ  students learned about the basics of 2D platformer level design with a breakdown of the intro stage to […]

Physics Workshop

GAME students were led through an intro on using rigid bodies, forces, and collisions in unity. The students took notes as and went […]