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Clinical Diagnostics

The NSLC ‘s HEAL Medicine and Health Care Program learned about differential diagnosis. Each student went through steps a physician would take. The […]

Medicine Practice

Today the Medicine and Health Program received more hands on experience with Dr. Daniel Grabell and NSLC TA’s. The students went to different […]

2D Basics Workshop

Today in Game Design theĀ  students learned about the basics of 2D platformer level design with a breakdown of the intro stage to […]

Physics Workshop

GAME students were led through an intro on using rigid bodies, forces, and collisions in unity. The students took notes as and went […]

Playtest Station

The Game and Design students were able to test and show their games that they were processing to each other. Each student would […]

Narrative Design Workshop

Today the Game design students learned the basics in a structure. The students were able to have an hands on activity that showed […]

Registration Day Session one

It is time! We are here for another exciting summer session. It’s “Regs Day!!” Yay! Students arrived at UCLA and received their room […]


What an amazing time to be apart of NSLC summer program. This year at UCLA our programs will consist of Health and Medicine […]

Event Simulation | Video

The Entertain Management students organized their very own award show. By operating in committees, they planned, purchased, and designed everything necessary to create […]

Public Health Debate

At the beginning of the week the Medicine & Health Care students were broken into groups and given a stance on a public […]