Category: Medicine & Health Care

Clinical Diagnostics

The Medicine & Health Care students were given the challenge of diagnosing the conditions of their TA’s while they are acting out different […]

EMT Skills | Video

The Medicine & Health Care students not only received some practical EMT experience, but also learned how they could apply those skills to […]

Dissections and Burr Holes

Big day for the Medicine & Health Care program! Students got to dissect cow eyes and sheep hearts, as well as preform burr […]


With the help of Dr. Fereidoon Parsioon—Dr. P for short—the Medicine & Health Care students put their suturing skills to the test. Click […]

Mount St. Mary’s Simulation Center | Video

The Medicine & Health Care students got an opportunity to explore the simulation center at Mount St. Mary’s University.

Personality Matrix

The Medicine & Health Care program worked with leadership facilitator, Selena Brown, to discover their different personality types. Based on the quiz designed […]

Session Two: Registration Day

Students have arrived and opening ceremony has commenced! Session two has officially begun here at UCLA! Click here for more photos!

Public Health Debate | Video

Over the past week the Medicine & Health Care students have been preparing for this moment: a debate with another group on a […]

Medical Simulation & Discovery | Video

Over the past couple days the Medicine & Health Care students have had the opportunity to get all sorts of hands-on medical experience, […]

Suturing & Dissections

Today the Medicine & Health Care students got their hands on some cow eyes, sheep hearts, and chicken breasts. Giving them the ability […]