Category: Daily Program Update

Challenge Course Session 2

The students in the HEAL program had a chance to explore UCLA Recreation Center. They were broken up into groups so they could […]

Taking Patient History

The HEAL program learned the Introduction to Clinical Diagnostic Simulations. Each group learned the basics in what things the students should look for […]

Introduction to Game Design and Activity Session 2

The GAME design students take their first lesson in Game Design and understanding the basics of the program. The game design students then […]

Open Ceremony Session 2

The time is here! See the opening ceremony for NSLC session 2 Game Design and Medicine and Health Care students. The students were […]

Pitching, Pitch decks, and Lookbooks

The film intensive students start on their short films. They will be placed in groups and each member will be designated a position […]

Registration Day Session Two!!!

Welcome to NSLC Regs Day session 2!!! We have our incoming student leaders from the Game design program and the Medicine and Health […]

Game Design Documentary

The students in the film intensive program went around doing in person interviews with students who were in the Game Design program (Session […]

Animation Workshop

The students in the film and intensive program had a lesson with NSLC TA Emily Mistica on how animation is created. She taught […]

EA Studios

The Game and Design students went on a trip to EA Studios in Pasadena, California. They were able to tour the studio and […]

L.A Arcade

The GAME students went to explore the arcade to learn about the history of old video games and designs. They had a chance […]